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Our programs

Zurich Pre-Seed Incubator Batch 10

March 2023 - June 2023

Applications are now closed for Zurich Pre-Seed Incubator Batch 10. The leading incubator for early-stage tech startups creating the future of finance.

Come build your venture with Tenity, the leading incubator dedicated to exceptional founders creating the future of finance. If you are passionate and motivated entrepreneur, who has the drive and ambition to make your startup a success, we at Tenity will help you get there faster!

We are specialized in and dedicated to startups in the areas of FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech (and any other type of Tech, if it's applicable to the world of banking and insurance).

During this intensive pre-seed incubation program, you will go from a prototype/MVP stage to market-ready stage, while receiving hands-on support by the Tenity startup coaches, dedicated mentors, access to investors and our leading corporate partners.

Not only that, we invest CHF 50k* in the startups selected for the program, in exchange for a small equity stake of 2,5% and a program participation fee of CHF 10k.  In addition, we may invest up to CHF 400k in a following round, with a warrant to invest up to CHF 1m over three years. (*conditional, check FAQs for more detail)

4-month pre-seed intensive hands-on incubation program.
Starting March 2023 and running through the end of June 2023.
In our innovation space at Pfingsweidstrasse 110, in Zurich, Switzerland.


CHF50k pre-seed investment

Receive CHF50k initial investment in exchange for a 2,5% equity stake and a program participation fee of CHF10k. In addition, we may invest in the following rounds.

Laser-focus on Fintech & insurtech

We live and breathe Fintech and Insurtech and know what it takes to succeed. We've worked with more than 300 early-stage startups in this space.

Personal coaching & support

Beyond masterclasses and input sessions, our personal coaching is what makes the difference. You'll have someone in your corner that will challenge and guide you through the process.

Access our investor network

Our program gets you investment ready and in front of our global investor network.

More than 200 world-class mentors

Over the past seven years, we've built a specialized network of over 200 mentors and experts that are happy to support exciting ventures and ambitious founders.

Global Introductions

You are joining a growing global ecosystem of startups, corporates, and investors, and you'll have many opportunities to make connections. During the program, but also after.

Some of our success stories

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Focus topics

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What we'll cover

Each Masterclass has a main focus, but will also cover other important topics for your development.

Masterclass 1

Value Proposition & Prototyping

Topics include: Value Identification, Problem Validation, Business Models, Business Prototyping, Business Models, Co-Founding, and more.
Masterclass 2

Fundraising & Structure

Topics include: Startup financing, fundraising, co-founding, advisory board, regulation, and more.
Masterclass 3

Marketing & Sales

Topics include: Sales, Marketing, PoCs, Negotiation, and more.
Masterclass 4

Product Market Fit & Demo Day

Topics include: Product Market Fit, Negotiation, Pitching, Demo Day, and more.


Focused on the financial industry

You are a Fintech, Insurtech, or a RegTech, DeepTech, Web3, Sustainable Finance, LegalTech, or Crypto Finance startup with a solution or use case for the finance or insurance sector.

Validated Prototype

You have a validated problem as well as a prototype or MVP of your solution. You do not need to be incorporated to apply.

You have a founding team

Building a startup is hard and we believe that no person can do it by themselves. While you may apply as a solo-founder, you would need to find a cofounder before the program starts, as we do accept teams and not solo founders.

The startups

the team

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your partners

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Have questions?

Reach out to our team

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How do I know if my startup is a good fit for the program?

We look for early stage, pre-seed, pre-revenue startups that are currently raising or about to raise funding. We like to see a developed prototype or solution which has been validated, and ideally early traction.

Key Requirements / Perfect fit

-Sector:You are FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech,LegalTech startup or adjacent with use cases for financial industry

-Geography:Early-stage investing is local. We are looking for companies from:

CH: DACH, Western Europe and UK

NOR: Western Europe and UK

SNG: Singapore and southeast Asia

-Team: At least 2 co-founding members (working minimum 80% on the startup) and ideally complementary, who have worked together before

-Maturity: Pre-revenue You are in ideation stage, have a prototype or MVP You do not need to be incorporated before the start of the program

-Fundraising: You are pre-seed and plan to raise a funding round within the next 6 to 12month at a valuation anywhere between 2 and but not more than 4m.

Do we need to be incorporated and which countries do you accept applications from?

You don’t have to be incorporated when you apply. But you have to incorporate within 30 days from signing the contracts.

For the Zurich program we mainly look for startups coming from the DACH,Western Europe and UK. If you are incorporated in any other country, you can still apply, but you may need to reincorporate in one of the before-mentioned countries to be accepted into the program.

For the Singapore program: we mainly focus on startups coming from Singapore and South-east Asia. For startups coming from other countries in the region, for example Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, we are happy to receive your application, but please be prepared to reincorporate in one of primarily mentioned countries in order to be accepted into the program.

For the Nordics & Baltics program we mainly look for startups coming from Western Europe and UK.  If you are incorporated in any other country, you can still apply, but you may need to reincorporate in one of the before-mentioned countries to be accepted into the program.

For questions regarding the locations please contact the scouting team directly at

What are the conditions of the program?

We have a standard deal for all companies joining one of our flagship incubation programs

We invest CHF 50’000 /SGD 70’000 in the startups selected for the program, in exchange for a small equity stake of 2,5% and a program participation fee of CHF 10’000 / SGD 15’000.

The program participation fee is due after receiving the above investment.

In addition, we may invest in a following round.

We applied and got rejected recently can we apply again?

Yes, definitely. And hopefully next time you will make it to the top teams.

I started an application but didn’t submit it. What happens?

Don’t worry, before the deadline you will receive a notification that you haven’t submitted your application.

We have technical problems with submitting our application

If you have any issues with your application, please contact the scouting team

How often do you open applications?

Twice per year, the spring and in the fall again. Keep an eye on our website for updates!

Do we need to be incorporated before applying?

No, you don’t have to be incorporated. But you have to incorporate by the first masterclass.

What is the application and selection process?

Step 1: Fill in the application form – it will take only 2-3 minutes – once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation.

Step 2: A few days after the deadline, the teams will be invited to an online info session where you’ll learn more about the program, our terms, next steps and you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions.

Step 3: The top teams will be invited for our Speed Dating events in one of our hubs, after which we’ll select the final teams that will enter the program.

Do I need to be present during the whole program?

No, we only require that 2 cofounders are present during the 4 Masterclass weeks, but you are more than welcome to stay the whole 4 months if you wish.

Is the program only theoretical?

No, the program includes more workshops than theory! And you will asked to apply what you learnt to your startup the same day. Also the program includes lots of events that can help you broaden your network and practice your pitching skills.

Do you accept solo founders and who needs to participate in the program?

We don’t accept solo founders, but teams who have minimum 2 cofounders 100% committed on the startup.

The time commitment for the program is 4 weeks in total (1 week per month, for the duration of each masterclass week). At least 2 co-founders must be present during that time.

All co-founders must have astake in the company and represented on the cap table.