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WEF Davos 2024: Doconomy: Stage of Impact

15th January - 18th January 2024

We believe startups have a key role to play in solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. Apply to pitch on the Doconomy: Stage of Impact, presented by Tenity, UBS, and Doconomy!

Doconomy: Stage of Impact @ WEF Davos 2024, presented by Tenity, UBS, and Doconomy, is back.

For a full week, we'll discuss some of the most critical global challenges and explore solutions with world-renowned experts and thought leaders.

We believe startups have a key role to play in this. That's why we give startups the stage to showcase their innovation and inspire action.

Some of the key topics we're interested in are Finance, AI, Biodiversity & Nature, Representation, Health, Food and Agriculture.

Doconomy: Stage of Impact is set to become THE meeting place during WEF Davos 2024, with a daily afternoon program and networking events.

Application Deadline: 15th December 2023

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Pitch on the Doconomy: Stage of Impact during WEF Davos 2024.
15th to 18th of January 2024
Davos, Switzerland


Airtime at the WEF Davos 2024 & beyond

Exposure at THE hub for impact at WEF Davos 2024, including global streaming of the sessions and pitches.

Media exposure

Exposure with leading media partners, such as Forbes Specialist or Sustainable Brands.


A unique opportunity to meet and network with world-leading experts, corporates, investors, and public representatives.

Some of our success stories

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Focus topics

Each day will have one or two focus topics. Selected startups will be invited to join on that day.

15th Jan / Finance/AI

Tech startups that utilize either finance or artificial intelligence to drive positive climate impact. Startups in this category may specialize in financial solutions or AI-driven technologies aimed at supporting climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

16th Jan / Biodiversity/Nature

Startups focusing on leveraging technology to protect, restore, or enhance biodiversity and natural ecosystems. This could encompass a wide range of solutions, from AI and big data analytics for monitoring wildlife and ecosystems, to biotech innovations for conservation, or climate tech solutions that mitigate the impact of human activity on nature.

17th Jan / Representation

Startups that leverage technology to create solutions that not only promote representation but also contribute to sustainable development by fostering equitable access, diversity in decision-making processes, and inclusivity in different sectors.

17th Jan / Health

Startups working on innovative approaches to health challenges that not only improve health outcomes but also consider long-term sustainability. This includes digital health innovations, medical technologies, public health initiatives, and solutions for improving healthcare access and quality. Health solutions that are scalable, equitable, and have a lasting positive impact on communities and the environment.

18th Jan/ Food/Agriculture

Startups working on solutions that make the food and agriculture sectors more sustainable. This could include a variety of approaches, such as precision agriculture technologies that optimize resource use and reduce environmental impact, innovative food production methods like vertical farming or lab-grown foods, supply chain innovations to reduce waste, or technologies that enhance the sustainability of food packaging and distribution.

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What we'll cover

Each Masterclass has a main focus, but will also cover other important topics for your development.

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Tech Focus

We are looking for startups using technology for good.


Availability to travel to Davos during the Week of 15th - 18th of January. Your presence will be required on one day - depending on the focus topic. The final schedule will be shared asap.


Travel costs to Davos are not covered. We may cover accommodation on a needs basis.

The startups

the team

Andreas Iten

Andreas Iten

CEO & Co-Founder
Mathias Wikström

Mathias Wikström

CEO Doconomy

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