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Our programs

Nordics Pre-Seed Incubator Batch 2

August 2023 to December 2023

Receive EUR50k initial investment to build your venture. Join the leading pre-seed incubator for exceptional founders and scalable ideas, with a special focus on impact and sustainability.

Come build your venture with Tenity, the leading incubator dedicated to exceptional founders creating the future of finance. If you are passionate and motivated entrepreneur, who has the drive and ambition to make your startup a success, we at Tenity will help you get there faster!

We are looking for founders across all areas of Fintech and Insurtech, but also for Deeptech with a solution or use case for the financial industry.  Furthermore, in the Nordic & Baltic program, we have an extra focus on impact, sustainability and climate fintech solutions, where we add on special breakout sessions for these startups, capturing the unique position the Nordic & Baltic region possess within sustainability.

We invest EUR 50K in the startups selected for the program, in exchange for an equity stake of 2.5% and program participation fee of EUR 10K. In addition, we may invest in your subsequent financing rounds according to the Tenity Deal.

The decision on the follow-on investment is separate from the initial investment and will be evaluated case-by-case. If applicable, we might invest in your following financing round approx. EUR 250K.

New deadline: May 21, 2023.

Pre-seed intensive hands-on incubation program with masterclass weeks spread out over the 4 months.
Applications are open until the 14th of May. The program starts in late August 2023 and runs through December 2023.
In our new hub in the Nordics & Baltics, with Tallinn (Estonia) as a base.


EUR 50k pre-seed investment

Receive EUR50k initial investment in exchange for a 2,5% equity stake and a program participation fee of EUR10k. In addition, we may invest in the following rounds.

Laser-focus on Fintech & insurtech

We live and breathe Fintech and Insurtech and know what it takes to succeed. We've worked with more than 300 early-stage startups in this space.

Access our investor network

Our program gets you investment ready and in front of our global investor network.

More than 200 world-class mentors

Over the past seven years, we've built a specialized network of over 200 mentors and experts that are happy to support exciting ventures and ambitious founders.

Some of our success stories


Relio announces CHF 3 Million Seed Funding Round!

Alumni Relio just announced their CHF 3 Million Seed Funding Round! Supported by many awesome investors, such as TX Ventures and High-Tech Gründerfonds, SIX Fintech Ventures, and Tenity Incubator & Accelerator.


Keyrock raises USD72M Series B

Switzerland Acceleration alumni Keyrock raises USD72M Series B from Ripple, MiddleGame Ventures and SIX Fintech Ventures


Vestr secures CHF 10mn in financing

The Swiss fintech startup and Tenity Alumni, vestr, just announced they secured CHF 10mn in financing led by Elevator Ventures!

Focus topics

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What we'll cover

Each Masterclass has a main focus, but will also cover other important topics for your development.

Masterclass 1

Value Proposition & Prototyping

Topics include: Value Identification, Problem Validation, Business Models, Business Prototyping, Business Models, Co-Founding, and more.
Masterclass 2

Fundraising & Structure

Topics include: Startup financing, fundraising, co-founding, advisory board, regulation, and more.
Masterclass 3

Marketing & Sales

Topics include: Sales, Marketing, PoCs, Negotiation, and more.
Masterclass 4

Product Market Fit & Demo Day

Topics include: Product Market Fit, Negotiation, Pitching, Demo Day, and more.


Focused on the financial industry

You are a Fintech, Insurtech, or a RegTech, DeepTech, Web3, Sustainable Finance, LegalTech, or Crypto Finance startup with a solution or use case for the finance or insurance sector.


You are re-revenue, are in ideation stage, have a prototype or MVP. You do not need to be incorporated before the start of the program.

You have a founding team

Building a startup is hard and we believe that no person can do it by themselves. While you may apply as a solo-founder, you would need to find a cofounder before the program starts, as we do accept teams and not solo founders.

The startups



Kvikk is a B2C Insurtech company disrupting the travel insurance sector through our groundbreaking mobile platform. We are launching travel insurance on-demand by leveraging GEO-fencing technology.



Greencent is a new generation loyalty system in the form of an app measuring and rewarding reductions of CO2 emissions resulting from activities performed by individuals in mobility.



Daysave helps the young to start to save and investment by sending personalised deposit requests weekly. Effectively creating an automated, personalised, and engaging user journey -- like Duolingo.



Equintel uses Big Data and AI to deliver ESG assessments. Our primary goal is to achieve transparency and objectivity in ESG and address the major shortcomings of ESG reporting and ratings.



GeekPay is a Payoneer in crypto



We provide a loan managemen platform



Root (FKA Resolut) is a platform to mobilise a new generation and community of activist retail investors who can combine their voices to engage with the companies in their portfolio and drive real change.

the team

Kevin Chavanne

Kevin Chavanne

Investment Manager
Uve Poom

Uve Poom

Hub Director Tallinn

your partners

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Have questions?

Reach out to our team

Kevin Chavanne

Kevin Chavanne

Investment Manager


Am I a perfect fit?

Sector: You are FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech,LegalTech startup or adjacent with use cases for financial industry

Geography: Early-stage investing is local. We are looking for companies from:

CH: DACH, Europe and UK

NOR: Europe and UK

SNG: Singapore and southeast Asia

Team: At least 2 co-founding members (working minimum 80% on the startup) and ideally complementary, who have worked together before.

Maturity: Pre-revenue. You are in ideation stage, have a prototype or MVP .You do not need to be incorporated before the start of the program.

Fundraising: You are pre-seed and plan to raise a funding round within the next 6 to 12 months at a valuation anywhere between CHF2M and, but not more than, CHF4M.

What are the conditions of the program?

We have a standard deal for all companies joining one of our flagship incubation programs

We invest CHF 50’000 /SGD 70’000 in the startups selected for the program, in exchange for a small equity stake of 2,5% and a program participation fee of CHF 10’000 / SGD 15’000.

The program participation fee is due after receiving the above investment.

In addition, we may invest in a following round.

Do we need to be incorporated before applying?

No, you don’t have to be incorporated. But you have to incorporate by the first masterclass.

Do you accept solo founders and who needs to participate in the program?

We don’t accept solo founders, but teams who have minimum 2 cofounders 100% committed on the startup.

The time commitment for the program is 4 weeks in total (1 week per month, for the duration of each masterclass week). At least 2 co-founders must be present during that time.

All co-founders must have astake in the company and represented on the cap table.

My startup is not fintech, can I still apply?

We are looking for  Fintech, Insurtech, or RegTech, DeepTech, Web3, Sustainable Finance, LegalTech, CryptoFinance startups or startups with a solution or a use case for the finance or insurance sector. So even if you don't strictly fall into the Fintech category, if any of the above applies to you, we are happy to see your application!