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Our programs

Keyrock Accelerator Program

September 2023 to December 2023

Keyrock is seeking innovative projects that leverage the intersection of Web3 and traditional finance!

Description about the program

Keyrock's Accelerator Program is searching for ambitious projects that merge the world of Web3 and traditional finance, to take their venture to the next level. The selected startups will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, receive extensive personal coaching and mentoring, along with access to Keyrock's esteemed partners. The program also offers the possibility to get investment of up to €100k, plus travel and accommodation expenses.

Deadline: 18th of June, 2023.

This is a dedicated accelerator program that will provide the guidance and resources necessary for selected ventures to reach their full potential
Applications are open until the 18th of June. The program runs from September 2023 to December 2023
Brussels, Belgium


Investment up to €100k

Keyrock will potentially invest from €50k up to €100k - in exchange for equity - to the startups admitted to the Accelerator Program.

Personal coaching and mentorships

Beyond masterclasses, our personal coaching and mentorships will make the difference. You'll have industry experts that will challenge and guide you through the process.

Masterclasses facilitated by industry experts

The program will consist of a series of Masterclasses instructed by the best experts in their field.

Introductions to Keyrock's global partners

Keyrock will provide the startups access and introductions to their global partners.

Some of our success stories

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Focus topics

Financial Infrastructure

We look to support startups that enhance and modernize the financial infrastructure, focusing on projects that improve the efficiency, security, and interoperability of financial systems. This could include streamlining cross-border transactions, settlements, and payment processing, ultimately fostering seamless integration between traditional finance and emerging Web3 technologies.

Decentralized Finance

We look to promote startups that create accessible and inclusive financial services. By supporting projects that reimagine lending, borrowing, and asset management on decentralized platforms, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital ecosystems, fostering financial empowerment for a global audience.

Asset Tokenization

We look to support startups that facilitate the tokenization of traditional securities and real-world assets, democratizing access to investment opportunities. By enabling seamless trading and management of tokenized assets on decentralized platforms, we strive to create new avenues for wealth generation and diversification in the digital age.

Data Tooling

Recognizing the vital role of data in the financial sector, we want to empower startups that develop innovative data tooling solutions. Our support extends to projects that enhance data analysis, storage, and security, as well as those that utilize advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to generate insights and drive decision-making in both traditional finance and Web3 domains.

Your startup does not fall strictly into any of the above topics, but you feel you'd be a great fit for the program? We are excited to see out-of-the box ideas, so we'd be happy to see your application!

Who is Keyrock

Keyrock is a digital asset market maker building more inclusive and efficient markets. With their proprietary algorithmic technologies, they provide scalable and adaptable liquidity solutions for marketplaces and asset issuers alike. Keyrock is active on 85+ trading venues both centralized and decentralized and offers services like on-chain liquidity provision, OTC and algorithmic execution.

Keyrock was founded in 2017 in Brussels, today it also has an office in the UK and is expanding with over 130 team members across the world. In November, 2022, Keyrock raised $72M amid the FTX contagion, attracting investment from prominent players in the fintech industry such as Ripple and SIX Fintech Ventures.

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What we'll cover

Each Masterclass has a main focus, but will also cover other important topics for your development.

Masterclass 1 // September 2023

Revising the basics

Revising the basics of building and scaling a startup, communication and public speaking coaching
Masterclass 2 // October 2023


Focus on prototyping, scaling up, optimisation - including demo and feedback from experts
Masterclass 3 // November 2023


Focus on financing, sales and marketing
Masterclass 4 // December 2023

Growth & Demo Day

A week of growth sessions, expert feedback and conclusion of the program with a Demo Day


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