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Our programs

Digital Health Incubator

The program starts in June and runs through October 2024. Apply till April 12th, 2024.

Join the pioneering digital health incubator by digital health center bülach and Tenity

Apply now for Batch 1, starting in June, and be one of the first start-ups to join our Digital Health Incubator program. You will benefit from many perks! On this page you will find more information about the incubator program. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Receive crucial knowledge and contacts to successfully build your venture. Join the Digital Health Incubator program for an exceptional network of founders and industry contacts to scale your idea across all areas of Digital Health.

Come build your venture with us, the leading digital health ecosystem dedicated to exceptional founders creating the future of our healthcare system. If you are a passionate and motivated entrepreneur with the drive and ambition to make your start-up a success, we will help you get there faster!

We're confident in our program's success, which is why we don't charge any fees upfront. To demonstrate our commitment and share in the risks and rewards, we've adopted a success-based fee model. This means Tenity will only receive a success fee if you successfully close your first financial round. At that point, we'll receive a fee as an equity stake in your company, which will be either CHF 100K worth of shares or 4% of the total equity, whichever is more advantageous for the start-up. International startups will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation.

The Digital Health Incubator is brought to you by digital health center bülach (dhc) and Tenity. Learn more about dhc and its partners here.

Our founding partner, the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), is the largest early-stage investor in Switzerland. You will have the chance to connect with the start-up finance team from ZKB during the program.

Pre-seed and seed intensive hands-on incubation program with masterclass weeks spread out over 4 months.
The program starts in June and runs through October 2024. We've extended the deadline to apply: 12th April, 2024.
The program takes place in our brand new workspace at digital health center bülach in Bülach and at Tenity in Zurich.


Proof of concepts

Get the opportunity to conduct proof-of-concepts with our member companies, including a wide range of hospitals, health insurances, established healthtech companies and leading research institutions. Our program connects you with senior stakeholders and gets your start-up ready for sustainable PoC’s and partnerships.

Laser-focus on Digital Health

We were founded with the sole purpose to accelerate digital health start-ups and digitization in healthcare in general. Our founders, members and experts all have long-term experience in the industry and they know what it takes to succeed.

Access to our investor network

Our program will get you investment ready and in front of our global investor network. During the program you will experience 1:1 with the main early-stage investors to pitch your idea and valuable Q&A sessions.

Become part of the ecosystem

You will enjoy the perks of being a member of the digital health center bülach. This includes regular networking events with major stakeholders in the healthcare industry, brand-new office space for your start-up, a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and innovation experts.

World-class mentors and experts

Over the past years, we’ve built a specialized network of mentors and experts who are happy to support exciting ventures and ambitious founders. Each participating start-up will have the chance to partner with an established industry expert or serial entrepreneur, depending on their needs.

Some of our success stories

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Focus topics


Therapies, patient engagement, use of sensors, data aggregation, prevention, prediction, digital biomarkers


Electronic health records, telemedicine, e-medication, shared decision making

New solutions

Solutions for NCD’s, chronic diseases, demographic challenges, old age, dementia, migration, mental health.

Healthcare IT

Further examples include:

– Health Data: AI, ML, big data, research data, image analysis, data standardization, OMICs
– Algorithms: clinical prediction models, patient scoring systems, decision support
– Clinical processes and procedures: patient monitoring, patient journey, communication, reporting, automation, coordination

Additional topics include:
Platform technologies, integrated delivery systems, value-based care technologies, VR/AR or wearable and tracker technologies.

digital health center bülach

Opened and active since May 2022, the dhc serves as a hub for players in the healthcare sector focused on digitalization and innovation. It offers a unique platform for the development of digital solutions that brings together start-ups, established healthcare companies, solution providers, and ICT firms. The goal is to drive innovative solutions along the value chain and create additional value for customers and patients.

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What we'll cover

Each Masterclass has a main focus, but will also cover other important topics for your development.

Masterclass 1

Opportunity Analysis & Internationalization

Topics include: start-up deep dive, opportunity recognition, business models, product-market-fit, pricing strategies, internationalization in healthcare, international and Swiss healthcare systems and more.
Masterclass 2

Product Development, Market Access & Regulatory Pathway

Topics include: product roadmap, technology review, market access, healthcare regulations, regulatory classifications, technical documentation, quality management systems, clinical trials, and more.
Masterclass 3

Finance, Funding & Reimbursement

Topics include: start-up finance, financial management and accounting, liquidity planning, equity and capital, termsheets, fundraising process, reimbursement strategies, global systems and more.
Masterclass 4

Marketing, Sales & Growth Hacking

Topics include: intro to marketing & sales, digital marketing, B2B/B2C sales strategies, marketing funnel, PR, pitching on stage, how to PoC, collaborations with big companies, intro to human resources and more.


To apply and join the Digital Health Incubator you must meet the following three requirements. In any doubt, please feel free to contact us.

Focus on Digital Health

You are a Digital Health start-up with a solution or use case for the healthcare sector? Then we want to hear from you. Does your solution don't strictly fall into any of the topics described above but is within the digital health space? Then please feel free to apply in any case.


You are early-stage, but plan to access the market within the next 3-5 years, ideally you have a prototype or MVP. You do not need to be incorporated before the start of the program.
If you join the program, you have the possibility to incorporate at the digital health center bülach in Bülach (Zurich).

You have a founding team

Building a start-up is hard and we believe that no person can do it by themselves. While you may apply as a solo-founder, you would need to find a co-founder before the program starts, as we prefer teams and not solo founders.

The startups

the team

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Constanze Mauk

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