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Tenity launches Global Web 3.0 program for its partner Julius Baer to foster wealth management innovation through startup collaboration

November 27, 2023

In a forward-looking initiative, innovation platform Tenity has launched the Julius Baer Global Web 3.0 Program which will enable collaboration between the bank and the next generation of web 3.0 startups in the wealth management space across the European and Asia Pacific region.

This integrated program is focused on actionable collaborations, pairing Julius Baer internal teams with visionary startups to bring fresh perspectives and accelerate innovation.

Brigitta Gyoerfi, Partner Innovation Lead at Tenity, added: "As Tenity's partner innovation lead, I emphasize the importance of looking beyond short-term goals and embracing the spirit of experimentation with new technologies. Early exploration is our compass to navigate the ever-changing tech landscape and seize opportunities on the horizon.”
Jonathan Chan, Head of Global Innovation at Julius Baer, added: “Our partnership with Tenity has provided us with a wealth of experience and unlocked innovative solutions in wealth management. We are committed to working with innovative startups that emerge from the program to transform ideas into impactful implementations within the bank.”

The following five startups have now been selected for the program:

Frigg | Switzerland

A B2B blockchain-powered platform cutting through layers of intermediaries to streamline sustainable infrastructure financing for institutional investors.

HOPR | Switzerland

Empowering private data transmission with unbreakable privacy, HOPR's decentralized network, and its data protection solution enable secure and competitive data transmission for the bank, its partners and its clients.

PIER | Switzerland

A cutting-edge wallet platform designed to make using web3 technologies simpler for individuals and businesses, using smart contracts and advanced privacy protection technology.

RociFi Labs | Singapore

Empowering Wealth Management with real-time, on-chain insights through a data and analytics platform, offering actionable information on client portfolios, transaction history, and compliance.

Phuture Finance | United Kingdom

Redefining crypto finance with on-chain index funds and structured products, offering a streamlined way to mint indices using various assets and a transparent, rebalanced methodology.

The program included a thorough scouting of the market, singling out Web 3.0 startups geared for the wealth management sector. Following an in-depth assessment phase, the five standout startups were chosen. Currently, in a four-month engagement phase, tailored interactions between these startups and Julius Baer stakeholders focus on identifying key industry use cases and executing targeted experiments.