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Tenity invests in 9 early-stage startups selected for its Spring 2024 Incubation Program in Singapore

April 3, 2024

9 early-stage startups from 6 countries across the APAC region have been selected for the Tenity Incubation Program in Singapore. The selected startups received an initial SGD70k investment from the Tenity Incubation Fund II.

The upcoming edition of the Tenity Incubation Program in Singapore welcomes a cohort of 9 highly anticipated early-stage startups.

The startups impressed Tenity during the rigorous application process, culminating with in-person Selection Days in Singapore in January 2024. The selected founders are building promising solutions in the areas of business financing, risk assessment, treasury management, AI for operational efficiency, etc.

For the next four months, the startups will go through an intensive program, including workshops and events on topics such as product-market fit, marketing, and fundraising. In addition to 1:1 support from the Tenity team, the program provides access to guidance and support from Tenity's wide ecosystem, including 280+ alumni, 200+mentors, and an extensive network of 170+ investors. The program will culminate in a Demo Day event.


Finnley Lee, Head of Operations Tenity Singapore commented:

“In this challenging business and fundraising landscape, we're excited to support our founders in the latest batch. Despite the hurdles, our commitment remains steadfast and we are dedicated to providing them with the necessary resources for both personal and business growth. We have full confidence in our founders' abilities to navigate their challenges and look forward to showcasing their achievements at Demo Day.”


Jun Ho Bae, Investment Director at Tenity added:

“We are thrilled to have onboarded 9 very exciting startups for our Incubation Batch 7 program. We are very fortunate to have found and forged lasting partnerships with such promising and capable team of entrepreneurs. We are ready to venture out together and build solid businesses that challenge the status-quo of financial services industry.”

Meet the 9 startups selected for the Tenity Incubation Batch 7 

ArkoPay | Indonesia

ArkoPay powers the funding gap in Indonesia’s construction industry, helping small and medium sized contractor and suppliers access operating working capital and better manage their cash flow.

Betaldo | Hong Kong

Betaldo shortens the payment lead time in global supply chain by facilitating a guarantee of payment, giving manufacturers access to faster payment collection and healthier cash flow.

Cashwise| Singapore

Cashwise enables startups and any businesses better manage their cash and business reserves, granting them easy access to higher yield on idle cash while maintaining reasonable liquidity and security.

Finskor| Indonesia

Finskor empowers rural banks in Indonesia to make informed lending decisions quickly and efficiently with Finskor’s automated bank statement screening solution.

FundKernel | Hong Kong

FundKernel is a Digital Alternative Investments Platform that harnesses the power of AI to help asset managers get discovered and get invested by matching funds to wealth managers with the right investment mandate.

InRiskable | Hong Kong

InRiskable enables financial institutions to assess financial risk of their SME lenders at scale. InRiskable uses AI to proactively identify and analyse real-world activities of the borrower and its related parties in real time to help its clients strategize against those potential risks.

Mochi | Philippines

Mochi helps SMEs get paid through a receivables management platform that streamlines billing and collections, integrates payment options, and automates reports. Because of the data collected through the platform, there is a huge opportunity to embed access to finance for users in the future.

NyunAI | India

Nyun optimizes computational performance and efficiency for its technology clients, enabling them to improve delivery speed and accuracy of its deep learning models at a reduced cost.

PrometheusData | USA

Prometheus Data enables multi-national financial institutions, especially lenders, to support cross-country risk assessment of retail clients, ensuring continued financial inclusion for international students and professionals working abroad.


Applications are now open for Incubation Batch 8 in Singapore, Batch 14 in Switzerland, and Batch 4 in the Nordics. Interested startups can apply today!