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Seoul Fintech Lab and Tenity launch Acceleration Program for Singapore’s thriving fintech ecosystem, selecting 5 startups for the first batch

October 26, 2023

Seoul Fintech Labs (SFL),the largest fintech startup support center in Korea, in partnership with Tenity, a prominent global accelerator and incubator for fintech, is announcing the selection of 5 fintech startups from Seoul for the 1st edition of its six-week acceleration program in Singapore.

The first edition of Seoul Fintech Lab Accelerator, in collaboration with Tenity, will bridge the gap between Seoul's fintech scene and Singapore's fintech ecosystem. This program offers a unique opportunity for Seoul-based startups to gain invaluable insights and exposure in the global fintech arena.

During the six-week program, the selected startups will have exclusive introductions to key players in Singapore's fintech ecosystem, including established fintech leaders and industry experts. At the same, the program will provide access to mentors and advisors who share their industry expertise and help startups refine their business strategies. Plus, through curated networking events, startups will forge meaningful connections with potential investors, partners, and collaborators.

The program will arrange investor pitch sessions, where startups will have the chance to pitch their innovative ideas to a select group of investors. It will culminate with a Demo Day event, for startups to present their solutions to a diverse audience of industry leaders, potential clients, and investors.

The startups who made it to Seoul Fintech Lab Accelerator in Singapore are:


SmashFi is a premier crypto investment platform that provides unique products, including AI, DeFi, Metaverse, and NFT index funds, as well as optimized trading bots for futures and options. With its user-centric usability, SmashFi connects to the industry’s top exchanges allowing users to effortlessly log into SmashFi with their existing exchange accounts in just one click.

WinkStone Partners

WinkStone Partners can provide SMEs with much-needed access to capital, providing SME lending outsourced solutions based on the AI credit model that enables financial institutions to quantify credit risk, thus it allows the lender to diversify their borrower portfolio.

Alchemi Labs

Alchemi Lab's goal is to bring the scientific rigor to investing. With the power of AI and scientific soundness of Modern Portfolio Theory, mankind now has one definite way of generating stable returns that lasts forever. The hedge fund strategy built on this tech is showing returns of 60% per annum and risk adjusted return(sharpe) of 400%. Our final goal is to build the mobile app that consults financial consumers with optimized combination of financial products.  


OPENULL offers flexible payment service including both BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) and SNBL(Save Now Buy Later) to Millennials and GenZ who desire to have whatever they want but have less credits or does not have habits to save for their goal.


MoFin Co., Ltd. is an innovative fintech company specializing in financial investment that provides sustainable value to customers. We provide an innovative platform based on AI that minimizes losses for financial investment consumers, provides reliable information for easy and convenient stock trading, and automatically handles trading timing.

Jonas Thuerig, Head of Tenity Asia and Managing Partner, commented: “Our partnership with Seoul Fintech Lab is more than a business collaboration; it's a union of ambitions. We believe in the startups of today becoming the financial leaders of tomorrow. This 6-week acceleration is just the starting point.”

Chayee Song, Global Program Manager, added: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our tailored accelerator program, a strategic collaboration between Seoul Fintech Lab and Tenity, a leading Singapore-based global fintech accelerator. This initiative aims to empower and elevate five promising fintech startups, fostering innovation and driving growth in the dynamic landscape of financial technology.”