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Introducing Tenity: A new brand for a new era

February 15, 2023

Our best year yet

What a year 2022 has been. Back in April, we announced our funding round and management buy-in enabling us to scale globally and we started raising our first incubation fund that will empower the exciting early-stage companies accepted into our programs.

This past year alone, we incubated and accelerated 100+ startups and our alumni raised more than USD 200M. We also worked with some of the most renowned, world-leading corporate partners and VCs around.

We expanded our operations from three hubs in three countries, to actively running programs out of four hubs in seven countries - and we launched the world’s first dedicated Climate Fintech Incubator in Nordics & Baltics.

But, we're not done yet. Our ambition for 2023 and beyond is to become the most relevant and impactful global innovation ecosystem creating the future of finance and insurance. To help us achieve this, we've reflected on our brand, culture, and ambitions.

Today, we are more

It’s incredible how we’ve transformed over the years. Not all of you may know, but F10 was initiated in Zurich back in 2015 by SIX. In 2016, F10 spun off into an association with other leading corporates, and by 2019, we were strongly established in Switzerland with startups going on to win awards and many prominent financial institutions forming part of our ecosystem.

From 2020, things started accelerating. In the midst of a global pandemic, we expanded to Singapore, opened operations in Spain, and ultimately became independent through our funding round and management buy-in in 2022.

Today we are more. We went from a local incubator to a global innovation ecosystem and early-stage investor. From a local team in Zurich, to a global organisation across Europe and Asia.

As a result of those reflections, we are beyond excited to announce today that we are rebranding as Tenity.

Ready for tomorrow

Tenity stands both for our legacy and our ambition - coming from ten, and growing to infinity. It also represents our independent state of mind. Tenity is a place where value and impact are created. A place where startups, corporates, and investors come together to create the future. A place, where we make innovation work.

Over the past weeks, we’ve already started changing our visual identity to reflect our global positioning and ambitions and launched a new website that better communicates all we do. The change of our name and our logo is now the last step in completing this shift to a new era for our organisation.

While we are sad to say goodbye to F10, we are excited for what’s to come. The past eight years as F10 have been an incredible journey. Here’s to the future.

Welcome to Tenity