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F10 partners with Trenda to offer one-of-a-kind startup cooperation and trend-scouting package

October 25, 2022

F10, a leading innovation ecosystem powering the future of finance, and Trenda, a specialized trend- and innovation-scouting online platform for the financial industry in Switzerland, have formed a partnership to offer the one-of-a-kind package covering the entire life cycle from banking trends, to specific, real-world startup use cases.

Trenda and F10 together are uniquely positioned to generate game-changing insights. The Trenda founders bring unparalleled experience previously leading e.foresight at Swisscom, while F10 has incubated and accelerated more than 150 startups in Switzerland alone, and evaluated thousands of startups over the past 7 years.  

Having an up-to-date understanding of current trends, activities of other players in the market, and digital features of the competition is decisive to shape a successful innovation strategy. Startups are an effective source of innovation to master digital transformation and enhance incumbents’ business models.  

F10 and Trenda bring these two fields together in a unique new offering tailored to financial institutions in Switzerland; enabling them to better leverage the latest technological advances and new business ideas.  

The two companies will offer a special combined package that connects the Trenda offering in innovation research with the F10-related deal flow and accelerator services. Together, they offer a seamless experience in creating impactful innovation strategies and finding high-quality startups to execute on.

Andreas Iten, Co-Founder & CEO at F10 remarks “this is a package with real practical value for anyone in the financial industry working to transform the business. This is both a huge opportunity for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge and quickly identify the best startups for collaboration and for startups to gain visibility and potential new clients. A win-win for everyone.”

Sascha Gysel, Co-founder at Trenda adds, ”the Trenda platform allows to efficiently gather holistic insights on innovation-related topics, identify relevant trends and helps to derive an informed strategy which then can be used to set up tailored innovation partnerships with relevant startups. Using both offerings in combination, allows this process to be seamless - from information to strategy and cooperation.”

About Trenda

Trenda is a startup founded in January 2022 and based in Zurich, Switzerland. It delivers the cutting-edge trend- and innovation-scouting online platform for banks, consultancies, and providers in banking in Switzerland. The platform currently offers five modules that cover the most important areas of innovation management in banking: news, studies, data, trends, and feature benchmarking. With platform-related features such as customized notifications, sharing, and export possibilities, Trenda is the most efficient and effective way to tackle the innovation topic in banking. Trenda is already used by several banks in Switzerland.  

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