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Tenity announces partnership with Dorsum

June 8, 2022

Tenity Switzerland is excited to announce its partnership with Dorsum, a leading investment software provider in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Dorsum is joining Tenity as an Innovation Partner to tap into the thriving FinTech & InsurTech Innovation ecosystem in Switzerland, and beyond.

Dorsum joins other world-class financial institutions, consulting and tech firms creating the future of finance. Through this new partnership, Dorsum will contribute to Tenity’s ecosystem through its 25+ illustrious years of experience in the field of WealthTech and investment software solutions, and its extensive reach in and expertise of the CEE WealthTech ecosystem.

Dorsum will benefit from Tenity’s extensive network and its access to the key FinTech & InsurTech players in Switzerland. Connecting with the right partners and increasing its reach in Switzerland is the ultimate goal of the partnership.

In the past 25 years, Dorsum, who’s products range from user-friendly client solutions to mid- and back-office software, has grown from a handful of people to an SME with around 250 employees and more than 80 clients in 10countries. Their clientele include almost every large bank and wealth management firm in the region, and a significant portion of securities trading and clearing is done through Dorsum’s systems in Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

After signing our first long-term partnership contract in the UK our decision was to expand our activities in Switzerland as well. We are looking forward to working with Tenity and exploring this promising market, says Róbert Kő, CEO, Dorsum.

Dorsum will make a great addition to Tenity through its strong WealthTech expertise. We are looking forward to a close collaboration that will support Dorsum establishing their presence in Switzerland. We are excited to leverage the know how also for the FinTech ecosystem in Switzerland, adds Marc Hauser, Head Tenity Europe.