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18 Projects Announced as part of XRPL Accelerator First Launch Cohort

June 17, 2024

After a highly successful program last year, XRPL Accelerator have decided to gather a new batch of 18 projects this year to pioneer their first cohort of Launch project. Tenity is excited to be part of this process, partnering with XRPL once again to continue supporting entrepreneurs and builders looking to scale their projects on the XRP Ledger.  

Diverse and revolutionary; the two common adjectives depicting this year’s projects. 18 startups are set to transform various business sectors through the power of blockchain technology. From DeFi, DID, Infra, RWA to verifiable credentials, XRPL, alongside Tenity, will be supporting all teams through non-equity bearing grant funding, mentorship from industry experts, invaluable networking opportunities and many more.  

Presenting to you, this year’s selection of 18 innovative projects:  

Alt Realtech Pvt Ltd  

ALT.SQFT offers a unique approach to real estate investment by tokenizing square footage into tradeable digital assets called Property Tokens, which represent a proportional financial value in a specific property managed by a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Investors can buy and sell these tokens on the Alt DRX Platform, allowing for dynamic market participation and liquidity in real estate investments. ALT.SQFT tokens not only offer the potential for income through interest payments and profit from property sales, but they also enable investors to engage in a transparent, efficient real estate market, receiving regular updates on valuation and the opportunity to trade at market-driven prices.


Beoble provides a secure and user-owned messaging community, enabling wallet-to-wallet communication through an end-to-end encrypted platform. This communication infrastructure not only supports most major wallets but also offers a seamless integration toolkit for Dapps, ensuring no compromise on privacy, security, or user experience. Additionally, Beoble enhances the social and messaging functionalities of Web 3.0 applications, offering modular APIs and SDKs that empower native dApps with social profiles, decentralized identity (DID), and customer support tools, thereby fostering community growth and increasing user engagement and retention.


Breezepay integrates with both online stores and Point-of-Sale systems, allowing users to seamlessly pay for goods and services with their cryptocurrency at the click of a button. Using the XRP Ledger, customers can unlock the value of their XRP-based assets by simply connecting their wallet to Breezepay and paying for everyday goods, similar to a card transaction.


ChainsAtlas is revolutionizing the way developers use their favorite Web2 programming languages on blockchain platforms by introducing an innovative Visual Studio Code extension that ensures seamless integration and universal compatibility. This tool allows the execution of traditional programming languages like C, Python, and JavaScript across multiple blockchains without the need for code modification, supporting both EVM and non-EVM chains. With ChainsAtlas, developers can achieve true horizontal scaling through parallel transaction processing, while maintaining consistent state synchronization across different blockchains, thus enhancing the efficiency and scalability of decentralized applications.


Evermore is a start-up creating an infrastructure for the circular economy by tokenizing physical consumer products, which enables trustless and efficient resale while unlocking customer data and resale royalties for brands. Their platform supports a marketplace for peer-to-peer transactions of pre-loved items, facilitating direct engagement between brands and resale customers through digital product passports. The start-up has gained traction through partnerships and public beta launches, positioning itself at the intersection of sustainable fashion, online resale growth, and Web3 technology innovations.


Filedgr is revolutionizing business transparency with its Digital Certificates and Data Twin Data Hub, ensuring that companies can provide clear, secure, and verifiable information throughout the entire lifecycle of their products. By leveraging blockchain technology, Filedgr enhances credibility, operational efficiency, and consumer trust by tackling greenwashing and ensuring data authenticity from manufacturing through ownership and beyond. This platform not only supports sustainable business practices but also serves as a robust tool for risk minimization, efficiency improvement, and strengthening brand integrity, making it a vital asset for integrity-driven companies in today's market.


The Kodelab HELOC offers instant access to flexible credit/liquidity secured against properties or other illiquid assets via public and private blockchains, in the form of CBDC or stablecoin. Users can draw down and repay funds up to a certain Loan-to-Value (LTV), empowering and providing users with flexible credit options. The accompanying tokenization stack, formed from some ‘world-first’ legal engineering developed in conjunction with DLA Piper and Truva Corp, allows for the on-chain (NFT) collateral to be composed of actual property ownership rights or mortgage rights, boosting security for lenders, whilst borrowers are left with simplified and enhanced accessibility to revolving credit compared to traditional fixed-term loans.

MC² Finance

MC² Finance is revolutionizing the digital asset fund marketplace with its advanced infrastructure and application layer, designed to support a thriving multi-sided marketplace. The platform aims to foster a dynamic community where crypto traders, financial backers, and the community can collaborate, enhancing both learning and earning opportunities. By addressing the current fragmented market where trading strategies are manually recreated across different platforms with varying fees, MC² Finance provides a streamlined, community-driven environment that supports credible and profitable trading strategies, while reducing risk and enhancing transparency.


meCash is a financial technology startup that facilitates cross-border payments for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using blockchain technology. The company offers a multi-currency wallet that allows businesses to store value, hedge against currency fluctuations, and make international payments quickly and securely. Through its platform, meCash aims to simplify international trade for businesses by reducing the costs and inefficiencies typically associated with traditional payment channels

Moai Finance

Moai Finance is developing a multi-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and cross-chain DEX aggregator to improve asset liquidity and utility within the XRP Ledger (XRPL) ecosystem. Their flagship product is an automated market maker (AMM)-based decentralized protocol that enables seamless swapping between assets on different blockchains. They want to expand their product to support XRPL Mainnet and XRPL EVM sidechain to simplify the liquidity provision and asset swap mechanisms for users.


Propto, a decentralized exchange and tokenization platform, enables commercial property owners to fractionalize and list their assets on-chain. The product allows investors with a small amount of capital to participate in the commercial real estate market. Propto's tokenization and trading functionalities utilize the XRPL's native features, such as trustlines and the DEX, to facilitate real estate token transactions.

Renora Technologies

Renora is a non-custodial, SaaS-based robo-advisory platform that provides passive and systematic investment strategies in digital assets. The platform features a proprietary Dips Dollar Cost Averaging (DDCA) protocol, which operates on exchanges and blockchains to help users systematically accumulate assets, generate yield, and manage liquidation and spending. Renora's technology automates the entire investment process, focusing on low costs, high liquidity, and ease of use, while also enabling self-custody and self-governance of assets .


Ryzer is a fintech startup that aims to revolutionize real estate investment through tokenization, making it more accessible and manageable. They offer a platform for fractional ownership of real estate, allowing users to invest small amounts, benefit from simplified processes, and achieve greater liquidity and diversification. Ryzer provides a secure, tokenized platform where users can buy, sell, hold, stake, lend, and borrow against real estate assets, enhancing the ease and flexibility of real estate investments .


Self revolutionizes digital interaction and trust-building by ensuring that every user's identity is verified through native biometrics and anchored to their human identity, not just a proxy. This platform leverages end-to-end encrypted communications combined with ID-anchored calling and messaging, allowing true verification of all parties involved, significantly reducing the risk of impersonation and fraud. By integrating digital identity, encrypted communication, and smart ticketing, Self not only enhances regulatory compliance and convenience but also drives higher conversion rates and secures operations across various sectors from online retail to hospitality and beyond, making daily activities like traveling, shopping, and voting safer and more seamless.


Sorcel empowers web3 enthusiasts and no-code users to build decentralized applications (dApps) by token-gating parts of their websites and integrating essential blockchain functionalities, such as e-commerce and voting, without needing technical expertise. Users can create exclusive experiences and private sections of their websites, accessible only to token holders, and can also offer non-transferable rewards and discounts. Additionally, Sorcel supports integration with major payment solutions like Stripe and Coinbase Commerce, alongside enabling token-based voting modules, making it a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to leverage blockchain technology in their digital spaces.


VNX Commodities is Europe's first regulated tokenization platform and stablecoin issuer, registered with the Liechtenstein FMA under the TT Token Providers and Services Act (TVTG). In 2021 VNX launched VNXAU, a multichain token backed by physical gold, later VNX launched two fully backed stablecoins: VEUR and VCHF. With this project, VNX aims to expand operations to the XRPL ledger by issuing VNX tokens on the XRPL.

XP Market

XPmarket is designing a user-centric community to unleash the full potential of the XRP Ledger. On-chain data paired with big data analysis are wrapped into a user-friendly environment, allowing a detailed overview of the XRPL community. A wide range of key infrastructure elements are being directly integrated into XPmarket that are both familiar for a novice blockchain user and advanced enough for the most sophisticated members. As a result, XPmarket aims to have the whole XRPL world at the community's fingertips.


Zoth introduces an institutional-grade fixed income marketplace, facilitating unprecedented access to a diverse range of high-yield, secure fixed income opportunities using stablecoins. This platform bridges traditional finance and on-chain finance, accelerating asset and capital flow by leveraging efficient tokenization mechanisms for real-world assets (RWAs), enhancing liquidity, and promoting financial inclusion. Complying with stringent regulatory standards across multiple jurisdictions, Zoth ensures that investments in top-tier assets like trade finance receivables, sovereign government bonds, and corporate credit are secure and transparent, promoting a seamless integration of liquidity between TradFi and Onchain Fi.

The XRPL Accelerator – Launch Program is designed to empower, support and facilitate collaboration for all 18 startups, spotlighting the transformative potential of blockchain technology. We are confident in the cohort’s ability to contribute to the growth and development of the XRPL ecosystem.

To learn more about the XRPL Accelerator and stay updated on upcoming opportunities, visit  

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as these projects progress and bring their groundbreaking solutions to life.