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14 Startups selected for F10 Incubation Program Batch VIII in Switzerland

February 3, 2022

F10 Switzerland announces 14 Startups joining the eighth cohort of its Incubation program, starting on 14th February 2022. Selected from 240 applications, this cohort reflects the most relevant developments in the FinTech and InsurTech market by covering exciting solutions from Metaverse over Sustainability to Wealth Management.

F10 Switzerland’s eighth batch of early-stage startups selected for the F10 flagship incubation program reflects the innovative FinTech and InsurTech potential and the relevant trends in this sector, covering solutions in areas such as Metaverse, Sustainability, Wealth Management, InsurTech and Investing.

During the program, which starts on 14th of February, the startups will work intensively to validate their idea, work on go-to-market strategies, receive pitch training and cover investment and fundraising. During the Masterclasses, the startups will receive world-class coaching and gain access to a vast network of mentors, experts and investors. The 5-month Incubation program culminates in the Demo Day on the 30th of June.  

The cohort includes 14 disruptive, pre-seed and seed startups from 6 countries, 9 from Switzerland.

“I am very excited to join the innovation squad at F10 as Startup Success Lead. I’m looking forward to working with the founders of Incubation Batch VIII and the visionary managers at our Corporate Partners who are challenging the status quo together”, says F10 Startup Coach Melih Vatansever about the upcoming batch.

Meet the 14 startups of Incubation Batch VIII:

  • Addmin
    Addmin is a modern document management system democratizing access to advanced files’ organization for entrepreneurs, SMEs & high-demanding individuals while ensuring bigger companies and online services can custom-build on top of its privacy-proof platform.
  • Clear Contracts
    Clear Contracts provides a no code solution for individuals and organizations to create, manage, and execute financial smart contracts.
  • distriBind
    Open banking for insurance –automated data exchange of any insurance transaction from distribution to capacity.
  • Modus3
    Modus3 is building an online platform for companies around the world to comply with regulations.
  • Pelt8
    Pelt8 enables organizations to aggregate their sustainability data, enrich it with suppliers' information, and share it in various formats with any stakeholder -all on one platform.
  • Rivvi
    Rivvi is a fintech platform that couples payroll processes with financial wellness.  
  • Splint Invest
    Splint Invest is a B2B2C platform, where customers can buy tokens of alternative investments. Combining smart contracts, DLT and AI, we tokenize real-world assets effortless and fully automated.
  • terminos
    Insurance companies take months and spend thousands of dollars to create terms and conditions for every policy program, terminos is a platform that let them create, localize and translate these documents in minutes instead of months and for a fraction of the cost.
  • STOverse
    STOverse is a blockchain-based fundraising platform for innovative SMEs. They solve two problems: 1) Restricted access to capital for SMEs by leveraging the power of Security Tokens; 2) Low liquidity for investors by bridging Security Tokens to Decentralized Exchanges where there are daily trading volumes of $2billion.
  • Vylto
    Vylto is a DiD-based ecosystem of verified users. Consumers can use their account to make financial transactions, share health records, verify vaccination status, hold transit passes and much more.
  • yukii
    yukii grants retail investors access to alternative assets such as private equity funds and DeFi assets to help them diversify their personal portfolios.
  • Cow Level
    Cow Level is a Fintech- Startup for Gaming. The main project is “FiPME”, an Exchange for the virtual worlds. We enable both private & business clients to trade virtual goods as if they were trading stocks at the NYSE and access market analytics on ingame economies.
  • Truly
    Truly is a digital bank account that allows you to track, analyze and understand your carbon footprint based on your transactions and do good with every payment.
  • Topaz Digital
    Topaz Digital satisfies soaring HNWI digital expectations with a tailored aggregation & engagement platform for banks and other service providers, enabling holistic reporting and collaboration through a peerless, premium client experience.

F10 opened applications for the next F10 Incubation program and is looking for early-stage, pre-revenue Fintech & Insurtech startups and exceptional founders with scalable ideas for the programs in Zurich, Singapore and Spain. The Program starts end of August 2022 in all our hubs, applications for the country of interest can be handed in here.