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WorkupAgri Batch 3 Begins: Shaping the Future of Agriculture

March 26, 2024

Ahmet Torlar

WorkupAgri Batch 3 Begins: Shaping the Future of Agriculture

On 22 March 2024, Hackquarters by Tenity and İşbank officially gave a start to the 3nd Batch of the WorkupAgri Entrepreneurship Program. Agriculture is not just a sector of the economy but the bedrock of human civilization, a fundamental pillar sustaining our existence. From the food on our tables to the clothes on our backs, agriculture touches every aspect of our lives, profoundly shaping the world. Yet, as pivotal as it is, agriculture stands at a critical crossroads. The challenges of climate change, water scarcity, and an ever-growing global population demand innovative solutions to ensure not just sustainability but the advancement of agricultural practices.

Launched under the collaborative efforts of İşbank and executed by Hackquarters by Tenity, WorkupAgri is an entrepreneurship program supporting startups in Smart Agriculture, Supply Chain, Climate Change, Circular Economy, Energy & Agricultural Resources, and Water Usage Management. From sustainable agriculture to water conservation, ecological packaging to agriculture drones, all new technologies and solutions are in the scope of the WorkupAgri. For the WorkupAgri 3nd Batch, 6 startups were selected out of over 120 screened. During the Program, startups will get an opportunity to test their solutions and start PoC with İşbank and partners.

Over the years, WorkupAgri has evolved significantly. Each batch has built upon the successes and learnings of its predecessors, continually refining the program to better serve the needs of Agritech startups and the agricultural ecosystem. As we embark on the 3rd iteration of WorkupAgri, the program continues to expand its scope, incorporating new technologies and focus areas to stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation. The achievements of previous batches, including successful pilot projects, significant funding rounds, and expansions into new markets, underscore the program's pivotal role in shaping the future of agriculture.

Highlights from the Kickoff Event

The kickoff event for WorkupAgri Batch 3 marked a significant milestone in fostering innovation and sustainability in agriculture. The event commenced with a warm, welcoming speech by Ömer İkiz, who highlighted the significance of the WorkupAgri program in nurturing Agritech startups and the transformative potential these enterprises hold for the future of agriculture.

Subsequently, Aydın Bozdemir and Fırat Umur from İşbank took the stage to delve into the history of the WorkupAgri program. They shared the bank's forward-looking vision for the agriculture sector, emphasizing a departure from traditional banking approaches towards agriculture. Their statement, "At İşbank, we don't approach the agricultural sector from a conventional banking perspective. In line with our founding vision, we look forward to transforming how we produce food and treat nature. This is the primary reason İşbank has initiated the WorkupAgri startup program," encapsulated the ethos behind the establishment of WorkupAgri. This vision sets İşbank apart as a pioneering institution that recognizes the critical need for innovation in agriculture.

Following this insightful discussion, Sabina Babayeva illuminated the stage with her presentation about Hackquarters by Tenity, elaborating on the organization's trajectory and its role in shaping the startup ecosystem. Her speech underscored the strategic approach of Hackquarters by Tenity in driving growth and innovation within the agricultural sector.

After the kickoff event, We had a deep-dive session with the selected startups. This session was a platform for the startups to present their business models, discuss how the program could aid their growth, explore collaboration opportunities, and articulate their business plans. It provided valuable insights into the diverse innovations that characterized WorkupAgri Batch 3 and offered a glimpse into the future of agricultural technologies fostered through the program.

Here are 6 selected startups for the WorkupAgri 3nd Batch:

Afara:is an autonomously controlled agricultural robot that detects the cotton spilled on the ground after cotton harvesting with image processing method and collects it with vacuum collection systems and provides productivity-based field data.

Ancient Greens: is a startup that develops easy-to-use and nutritious products from ancestral seeds by adopting the concepts of respect for nature and people, good agricultural practices, sustainability and innovation, and blending agricultural values with emerging food technologies.

Bridgesoft: is an agricultural technology company that integrates selective spraying into field sprayers and improves the efficiency of agricultural equipment using artificial intelligence and embedded systems.

Seracell: is an artificial intelligence-supported modular greenhouse automation system that brings the greenhouse to the farmer's pocket and brings every point of the greenhouse together with technology.

Soilbiom: is a startup that develops microbial fertilizers suitable for the needs of farmers and companies with formulas based on plant, soil and biodiversity analysis to increase sustainability in the agricultural sector and reduce environmental negative impacts.

Uptechlabs: is a startup that developed Smart LED lighting and hydroponic plant growing systems, it offers the opportunity to grow plants with the desired aroma and quality without using pesticides, with 97% water efficiency, while consuming 2 times less energy.

As we embark on this exciting journey with WorkupAgri Batch 3, we invite you to join us in supporting and celebrating the innovations that promise to shape the future of agriculture. By visiting the official WorkupAgri website, you can gain comprehensive insights into the program's objectives, the innovative solutions offered by the selected startups, and how they are set to address the critical challenges facing agriculture today. Your support and engagement are invaluable as we move towards a future where agriculture is sustainable, efficient, and capable of meeting the global food demand in harmony with our planet.