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How to take advantage of Demo Day

April 11, 2019

How to take advantage of Demo Day

Every opportunity counts

Demo Day is more than just pitch time - it's an opportunity to make connections and expand your network. During breaks, don't be afraid to step away from the work and start conversations with potential investors; you never know who will have meaningful advice or insightful perspectives that could help take your project further. Take a risk; seize this momentous day!

Don’t Be Shy

Don't let shyness keep you from success! Introverts, embrace the challenge and make yourself known on Demo Day - it'll be worth your while. Get out of your comfort zone for a chance to have meaningful conversations with investors that could propel your venture further than ever before.

Follow Up Immediately

Demo days can be your ticket to success! Not only will you have a chance to wow investors with an amazing pitch, but make it count by following up quickly afterwards. This could open the door for more than just securing funding- use this valuable opportunity to create relationships that help fuel the growth of your venture. Securing follow-up meetings is key to keep up momentum in your funding process.