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Spotlight on Dorsum - bringing the world of investing closer to everyone

August 18, 2022

Spotlight on Dorsum - bringing the world of investing closer to everyone

1. Please tell us a bit about your background

I am passionate about tech and business development with a special focus on the digital transformation of the banking and wealth management space. By constantly monitoring and consulting with the leading financial players I support transforming the latest technologies into valuable strategic approaches together with our partners. I strongly believe in personal connections; hence I travel often to meet with local experts to discover their needs and build the best solution for the given business case together. In my free time, I’m a passionate nature and street photographer, constantly looking for beautiful scenes with my camera.

2. Dorsum has recently announced its partnership with F10. Why did you become part of the ecosystem? How has your experience been so far?

Our strategy for entering the Swiss market heavily relies on experiencing the market firsthand, being close to the heart of innovation, and building the right partnerships. Becoming a corporate partner of one of the most important Fintech organizations in the country allows us to have our say and take part in leadership discussions. F10 was a natural choice to start as their expertise in fostering innovation and their well-recognized brand make them the perfect partner for our company. We have only started working together from the start of summer, but we can already say that our collaborations will surely bring fruit in the close future.

3. Can you tell us a bit more about Dorsum? What do you do exactly?

Since its foundation in 1996, Dorsum has become one of the leading innovative investment software & solutions providers in the Central and Eastern European region. We offer a complete suite of back-to-front-office wealth and investment management solutions for private, and commercial banks, investment providers, asset management firms, insurance companies, pension funds and national treasuries.

We also work in close professional partnerships with key domestic and international central securities and monetary clearinghouses. To name a few of our satisfied customers, we support Sarasin & Partners, the BNP Group, Raiffeisen Group, Erste Group, Citi Bank Group, Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and the OTP Group in their continued success. The exceptional professional renown of the company is confirmed not only by our clients, but prestigious international innovation awards as well, such as the WealthBriefing and the Banking Innovation award. In fact, Dorsum is the only company in the wealth management software solutions market that has won the "Best of Show" award three times in a row at Finovate Europe, and we have also been selected to be among the Top 100 Wealth Management vendors in the world.

4. Your headquarters are in Budapest, from where you’ve built one of the leading investment software providers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Why did you recently expand into Switzerland?

The Swiss financial market is an unquestionable leader in Europe, not only in volume but because of its openness towards innovation; making it a very tempting target market for all financial IT solution providers who want to “conquer” Western Europe. After our successful joint venture with Sarasin & Partners, we are confident in our capabilities of solving similar business challenges in Switzerland as we did in the UK. Switzerland’s wealth management industry is an important driver of establishing the country as a leading hub for sustainable finance, as a result we believe, that our Wealth Portal solution will surely be welcomed here.

5. From your perspective: How do you see WealthTech in particular developing in the next few years? What are the key trends to watch out for?

We see that banks in Europe are now focusing on digital innovation and cyber security primarily. Their main goals are to improve client engagement, attract the new generation of investors, and increase internal efficiency and cost structures. We also see the growing importance of personalisation based on data science and the need to cater for the hybrid service model with self-service digital platform functionalities. In other words, the most pressing issues can only be solved by relying more on advanced digital solutions such as wealth platforms and wealth portals.

Of course, it’s not enough to transfer old practices into a digital form. To truly advance the industry, the complete investment proposition needs to be simplified using the latest technologies, which is now one of the main focuses of our company. As an example, our Wealth Portal makes dense investment data clear to read and process with intuitive-to-use interfaces and analytical reports.

But going digital has its own share of problems. We also see that integration using 3rd party tools into current and future IT systems is something that every player is struggling with. Fortunately, our 25+years of working with financial institutions has given us considerable experience in this field.

6. How can startups or corporates collaborate with you to advance the WealthTech space in Switzerland and beyond?

We are always looking for collaborations that bring innovation to the wealth management space and we are happy to share our knowledge with startups and corporates as well. We will be attending all F10's Lunch & Learn events with plans to host one in the Fall, but it will be easy to find us at other events and conferences as well. Our experts and I will always be looking forward to discussing the latest trends and technologies. If anyone is interested in a good conversation, feel free to reach me at I’ll be happy to answer any questions or talk about possible collaborations.