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Highlights from the Visa Innovation Program Europe Türkiye 2024 Kickoff

April 26, 2024

Ahmet Torlar

Highlights from the Visa Innovation Program Europe Türkiye 2024 Kickoff

Visa Innovation Program Europe announced the fintechs selected for the 2024 edition in Türkiye. In the ever-evolving financial technology landscape, the Visa Innovation Program Europe stands as a cornerstone for fostering innovation and driving the future of fintech across Southern Europe. In collaboration with Hackquarters by Tenity in Türkiye, the program is a dynamic partnership platform connecting fintech companies and Visa clients throughout Southern Europe. This program empowers fintechs to address the evolving payment and commerce challenges, elevate their product offerings, and deliver groundbreaking solutions within Visa's extensive network of partners. The Kickoff Event provided a platform for the selected fintechs of the 2024 Visa Innovation Program Europe Türkiye Edition to showcase their innovative solutions.

On April 25, 2024, the Visa Innovation Program Europe Türkiye Edition Kickoff took place at HAN Spaces Levent, marking a significant milestone in the program's calendar. This event was not just a ceremonial gathering but a dynamic platform where the selected fintech companies from Türkiye had the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions.

Kaan Akın, CCO of Tenity, opened the event with a speech that welcomed the attendees and reflected on the significant strides made by the Visa Innovation Program over the years. He highlighted the impressive milestones achieved with alum fintechs, showcasing how past participants have leveraged the program to catalyze their growth and expand their market reach. His speech vividly depicted the program's evolution, emphasizing its role as a transformative force in the fintech sector.

Following Kaan's inspirational address, Samile Mumin, General Manager at Visa Türkiye, took the stage to delve deeper into Visa's ongoing commitment to the fintech community. She articulated Visa's dedication to nurturing innovation and supporting fintech companies in their journey toward growth and expansion. Samile discussed how Visa, a global payments technology company, is uniquely positioned to provide invaluable support to fintechs through access to its vast network, technological resources, and industry expertise. Her speech emphasized Visa's role as a supporter and an innovation partner, committed to helping fintech companies thrive in a competitive landscape and meet the ever-evolving demands of the digital economy.

This year, the Visa Innovation Program Europe received an impressive 274 applications, with 50 from Türkiye. After a rigorous selection process, we're excited to announce 5 fintechs selected for the program.

Let's take a closer look at each of these pioneering fintechs:

Bakiyem: provides new generation and functional online payment solutions tailored to meet the unique demands of various sectors.

Fimple: Established in January 2022 as a product-focused company addressing financial sector players’ problems by creating a cloud-based system with the new generation of technology and business needs.  Fimple is proposing a composable finance solution with native API’s, based on SaaS Architecture and Cloud-native microservices.  By using Fimple Transaction Composer, banks and financial institutions can develop/reconfigure products and services and offer them to their customers and fintech partners.

Finartz: offers secure and user-friendly solutions that expand organizations' payment capabilities. It enables financial and non-financial institutions aiming to enhance their operations in the digital age to accelerate their digital transformation processes while improving customer experience. With its ready-made software solutions such as Digital Wallet, Payment, and EMV 3D Secure, alongside its expert fintech consultancy and continuous support services, Finartz assists organizations in strengthening their payment technologies.

Minted Connect: is a platform offering precious metals as a service, enabling banks, fintechs, and customer platforms to integrate precious metals seamlessly into their services with just a few lines of code. Minted Connect's intuitive API and pre-designed workflows empower product teams to effortlessly create innovative new services, enhancing their overall offerings and generate a new revenue stream with the inclusion of precious metals.

PayWall: is a comprehensive payment orchestration platform that empowers businesses to streamline their payment processes and maximize efficiency. With advanced subscription management, PayRoute, PayJump, PayBalancer, PayWatch, centralized card storage, marketplace and alternative payment methods, PayWall offers end-to-end control over payment methods. By reducing operational burdens and directly increasing profitability, PayWall enables businesses to manage payments at a micro scale.

We invite you to dive deeper into the world of fintech innovation and discover the myriad ways you can become part of this exciting journey. Whether you're a startup founder, a financial services professional, or simply an enthusiast for cutting-edge technology and its applications in finance, the Visa Innovation Program offers numerous avenues for involvement and collaboration.

Learn More: For those eager to understand the intricacies of the program and the innovative solutions brought forth by this year's selected fintechs, we encourage you to visit the Visa Innovation Program Europe website. Here, you'll find detailed information on the program's objectives, benefits, and the diverse range of fintech innovations it supports.

Become Part of the Family: If you're inspired by the possibilities and ready to take your fintech solution to the next level, consider applying to be part of the next cohort of the Visa Innovation Program Europe. Keep an eye on the program's website and social media channels for application deadlines and criteria announcements.