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G4A 2024: 7th Year of Shaping Innovation with Bayer

January 19, 2024

Ahmet Torlar

G4A 2024: 7th Year of Shaping Innovation with Bayer

Welcome to the exciting world of innovation and opportunity that defines the Bayer G4A 2024 program. Bayer G4A 2024 - is a 100-day open innovation program for entrepreneurs who focus on growing their business in #consumerhealth, #cropscience, #pharmaceuticals sectors. The program is initiated in partnership with Bayer and is designed and implemented by Hackquarters by Tenity. The collaboration between Bayer and Hackquarters by Tenity is pivotal to the program's success. Bayer brings in its vast industry knowledge, resources, and global network, while Hackquarters by Tenity contributes its experience in startup acceleration and innovation management. This synergy creates an environment where startups can genuinely thrive and push the boundaries of what's possible in their respective fields.

By participating in the G4A program, startups gain invaluable insights into their industries and get the chance to collaborate and network with other like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. This collaborative atmosphere is central to the program's philosophy – creating a community where ideas can be exchanged, challenges can be addressed collaboratively, and innovative solutions can emerge.

Over the years, the Bayer G4A program has significantly impacted participating startups in Turkey, enabling them to raise investments and enhance their businesses. G4A offers valuable support and mentorship, helping startups thrive in their respective industries. So far in the program, 38 have been selected to the program out of 1200+ startups applied. The Program has a good track record that many alum startups raised investments and significantly improved their businesses.

Highlights from the Online Meetup on 17 January 2024

The online meetup aimed to raise awareness about the G4A Program, share the challenges and expectations of the Bayer team, and bring together Bayer Türkiye professionals and Turkish consumer health, pharma, and crop science startups.

The meetup began with a welcome speech by Kaan Akın, VP of New Markets at Hackquarters by Tenity. He provided an insightful overview of the program's evolution from 2018 to 2024, sharing key statistics and achievements, including the impressive lineup of startups selected in previous years and the focus areas for the 2024 program.

Melis Soylu, Communications Business Partner CS, Channels & Amplification and G4A Program Manager, Bayer Turkiye, joined the discussions, highlighting the benefits and expectations of the G4A 2024 program.

Introductions to Bayer Divisions

Following Melis, The event featured introductions from Bayer Division Innovators, with Okan Doruk, Gökhan Kıral, and Araz Eylül Kafesoğlu presenting their respective areas of expertise. They introduced their divisions and answered questions from the audience.

Fireside Chat with Kidolog

A highlight of the meetup was the fireside chat featuring Eray Uğurelli, Co-founder of Kidolog. The discussion revolved around Kidolog's journey, from its inception to securing its first investment and experiencing rapid growth. Eray shared personal experiences and milestones, offering valuable lessons and insights into the entrepreneurship journey. This session was particularly inspiring for attendees, showcasing a real-world example of success facilitated by participation in Bayer G4A.

Lastly, meetup allowed attendees to directly engage with the Bayer team in dedicated breakout rooms during the Q&A sessions. This interactive format allowed startups to ask 1-on-1 questions, fostering meaningful connections and promoting open dialogue between participants and the Bayer team.

If your startup operates within consumer health, crop science, or pharmaceuticals and is poised for growth, we strongly encourage you to apply for the Bayer G4A 2024 program. This is your opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey that could redefine the future of your startup. For more detailed information about the program, the application process, and what you can expect, please visit the official Bayer G4A website. Here, you will find all the resources you need to understand the program's scope and how it aligns with your startup's objectives. If you missed the online meetup, you can watch via this link.
‍Don't miss out! The Bayer G4A 2024 program application deadline is 11 February 2024.
‍Click here to apply for the program.