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Four Climate FinTech startups to watch

November 21, 2021

Four Climate FinTech startups to watch

These Climate FinTech startups are disrupting the ESG and Sustainable Finance sector with their innovative solutions. We asked them about their products, their motivations, ambitions and why we all should care about our carbon footprint.

Meet our four climate FinTechs

Sustainaccount enables the financial industry to create data-driven sustainable finance products by sourcing reliable ESG data from non-listed companies while enabling those companies to manage ESG data or integrate ESG investment in a granular and adaptive manner, allowing accurate reporting and access to capital.

Norsia provides wealth management companies a solution to two important questions: What does Sustainability mean to each individual investor? How to integrate it into the entire investment process?

Epic Impact's mission is to motivate consumers to change their consumption habits to be more ethical and sustainable.

And Mympact builds your personal companion that helps you manage your money and your impact on the environment in one app.                                   

Team Mympact
(Image: Team Mympact)

What are the pressing climate challenges?

The climate-related problems of today’s society and the financial world are as diverse as their causes. Which is why our four startups present a broad variety of solutions to solve these problems.

Financial service providers experience a growing pressure under tightening ESG regulations and ESG risk while procedures are still not yet standardized. Sustainaccount’s solution addresses exactly that need of companies to automate ESG data responsibly, as well as evaluating sustainability impact and climate risk of their business processes.                        

Team Sustainaccount
   (Image: Team Sustainaccount)

A different angle have Norsia, Epic Impact and Mympact, who take the customer point of view. Studies show that 90% of Millennials and Gen Z Consumers want to shop with brands that share and epitomise their values and live more eco-friendly, however most of them are left frustrated in trying to do so, leading to an intention-action gap of over 40%.

While Norsia’s solution supports wealth management companies in translating their clients’ understanding of sustainability and how to integrate their needs into the entire investment process, Mympact and Epic Impact empower the customer by either informing them of how their behavioral changes have an impact on the environment or empowering them by providing transparency of businesses and transactions’ carbon footprint.                                              

Team Norsia
      (Image: Team Norsia)

Not only smart but also ambitious

At F10 we encourage our startups to strive towards their goals and ambitions, so naturally we want to know what drives our climate FinTechs.

While their backgrounds are as diverse as their startups – from yearlong experience on the trading floor to university graduates – their goal is the same: Saving the planet!

Whether that would be by improving the customer’s carbon footprint one investment at a time, or enabling consumers to support businesses and charities that support a range of causes that ultimately contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability standards. Be it ensuring 100% of people's household spending has a positive impact on humanity, nature and the environment, or providing THE platform that enables everyone to understand and improve their impact on the environment and empower them on their way to a more sustainable life.         

James Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Epic Impact
 (Image: James Brown, Co-founder and CEO of Epic Impact)

Gretchen question: Sustainable Finance – hype or real change?

The answer to that question coming from our startups is unanimous: Climate Is among the more pressing problems we need to solve, and they are here to do their part.

Finance has an important role to play in shaping the future of our society's development. Our Climate FinTech startups are bringing innovative solutions to an industry that is challenged by issues outside of its comfort zone (climate risk, new demands from customers, activist investors, etc).

And while there is definitely a hype around Sustainable Finance, Climate FinTech, social and governance ESG reports etc., what is behind them is anything but clear. We are still in a phase of exploration around what can be done and how, with the game-changing impact still a few years away.

At F10 we are convinced that innovative FinTech solutions can beat the forefront of providing sustainable customer value.

What's next?

Learn how to get involved and help accelerate Climate FinTech innovation with us.