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Conversations with BloXmove, Bond 180 and Corizance

September 10, 2021

Conversations with BloXmove, Bond 180 and Corizance

What does your startup do?

We are reinventing urban mobility by providing a seamless global alliance for mobility providers like rental fleet, micro mobility, public transportation and corporate mobility manager. Through the decentralized platform-as-a-protocol, bloXmove solves the hassles of a fragmented mobility market for mobility providers as well as end users.

bloXmove’s distributed ledger technology increases speed, simplicity and security in all booking relevant transactions from customer identification and verification to contracting and settlement. With easy plug ins, our platform-as-a-protocol builds a decentralized ecosystem where all verified partners can offer a one-click, one-ticket journey to their end users by offering the assets of the others. This opens access to new customer groups and optimizes the utilization of the resources. Nobody is losing their own customer touchpoint.

Bond 180, soon to re-launched as 180 Tech Group, provides technology solutions to enterprises.

In the UK via Market180, 180 Tech Group offers solutions tailored to capital markets use cases. The core products are: a data-led marketplace solution called the Data Management System (DMS) which can aggregate and anonymise supply or demand data within asset markets to facilitate better transaction flow powered by network effects, and; a digital assets Issuance and administration platform for private and/or emerging asset classes like loans or NFTs.

In Singapore via 180Protocol, 180 Tech Group is developing an application framework for the creation of decentralised enterprise ecosystems to power the creation of value by mobilising Intangible assets like data, emerging asset classes, and intellectual property.

Corizance is a Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management technology startup based In London. Our platform helps business, risk and compliance teams of businesses in high-risk sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Energy, etc., to manage their critical risks, regulatory compliance and governance in one single platform using a unique connected risk and compliance management approach. We have been independently assessed and awarded by the British Standards Institute in addition to receiving vast recognition globally.

What has been your experience being part of F10? What are some of your key learnings from the program?


We are honored to be part of F10 and have learned from the partners, the organizers, and other start-ups. Some of the key learnings have been how to pitch to others, creating the business model as well as the 3-year roadmap.

Bond 180

F10 was a great and dynamic experience delivering Singapore's energy of a burgeoning Innovation culture direct to our homes via Zoom. We missed out on the In-person experience but were motivated us to establish our new Initiative 180Protocol In Singapore.

The enterprise focus and the deep experience of all Involved, not to mention their generosity In time and energy, was greatly appreciated.


We are really pleased about being recognized by F10 as one of the top 10 startups to make the 2021 Singapore cohort, from 300+ startups.

The program challenged a lot of our previous assumptions, introduced new Ideas and widened our knowledge in understanding and re-defining customer needs and product services, as well as planning, developing, and scaling the business successfully.  

We have also been successful in establishing new relationships with major corporates and startups, with the potential of future partnerships/collaborations.

The key learnings from the program are:

1. Leveraging collaborations for entrepreneurial success.

2. Exploring and tapping the ecosystem for mutual assistance and growth.

3. Thinking bigger and expanding vision to address major industry challenges through partnerships and ecosystems.

How did you start working with R3 and what has been your experience?


During our basecamp with Outlier Ventures we got introduced to well selected mentors. OV matched one mentor with strong focus on Corda related projects – this was our start for a great collaboration with r3, now bloXmove is part of their fast-track program.

Bond 180

Whilst taking a career break to study at Cambridge undertook a consulting project on their behalf focused on debt capital markets use cases for blockchain. Leveraging that experience, we entered the R3 Pitch Competition winning a place on their Entrepreneurs In Residence programme and subsequently within their venture development programme.

R3 have supported us throughout our journey and we are very grateful and humbled. Consequently, R3's Corda and Conclave are central to our future plans.


R3 is one of the F10 corporate sponsors and has been very active within the program in identifying major startup innovations/ideas that have a good fit with decentralized and/or distributed business models. R3 has actively assisted in developing and scaling these ideas through venture building, technical support, expansion guidance and go-to-market collaboration.

We are exploring the possibilities of collaborating with R3, to further develop and enhance Corizance through integration with R3's industry-leading Blockchain and Confidential Computing Products. Our discussions with the R3 Singapore team till now have been mutually enlightening, and we see promising developments down the line.

What impact have F10 & R3 had in the development of your venture?


F10 has helped us grow Internally by helping us focus on our vision and mission. R3 has a strong focus on deep technology and finance related processes based on the Corda ecosystem, this expertise is very valuable for further platform development.

Bond 180

R3 has been Integral to our strategy from the outset. F10 gave us the platform to launch In Singapore Imminently.


As we graduate from the program in July 2021, we anticipate a significant impact going forward in the product innovation and acceleration of go-to-market capacity of our venture through continued engagement with F10 (SIX) and R3.  

We are also looking forward to significantly increase our collaboration with other partners within the F10 and R3 ecosystems to accelerate our product innovation benefits to current and future customers across the globe.

Looking into the future: What's next for your startup?


Learn how to and prepare the shift from one stage of the startup to the next: Pre-seed to Round A. We would like to get in contact with F10's ecosystem partners related to urban mobility and series A investment. Also, the implementation of the first six signed pilots, increase of our conversation rate: from pitch to a partner-go-live and the preparation of bloXmove’s token sale.

Bond 180

Core to our business strategy is the increasing acceptance within industries of decentralised business models. Our technology offerings solve key pain points whilst enabling our clients to take advantage of the rapidly changing environment seamlessly when ready. We want to be at the nexus between enterprise and Internet 3.0.


As per our vision, we aim to be recognized as one of GRC Product Innovation Leaders. Our partnerships with leading organizations, SMEs and emerging startups are key levers in achieving this vision.

We have also achieved excellent traction over last 8 months. We have started working early with a few clients, and are having engaged discussions with many leading organizations based on keen interests.  

Through this strategic collaboration with F10, R3 and wider ecosystem partners, we aim to empower enterprises in high risk Industries across various markets in attaining increased customer satisfaction, revenue maximization and accelerated organizational growth through our innovative connected risk management product and ecosystem.

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